Through the lens of perceived space I observe dialogue, behavioral patterns, femininity, memory recall, and relationships translating these concepts into an immersive experience of beauty and illusion.

I am drawn to patterns and phenomena in the known world as a way of feeling a connection with the Universe (a notion of the Universe rooted in scientific knowledge, especially astrophysics). This, along with my ongoing inquiry into the process of creating units as a means of exploring the perception of space and pattern, has led me to my interest in scale. I am fascinated by fractal patterns originating from a molecular scale and repeating into the cosmic scale, as well as similar fractal-like patterns such as unit cells that make up crystals that, in theory and in the right conditions, could build upon one another forever. Ultimately, my interest in patterns has deepened my love of science, and through art I aim to explore the unity of the Universe through the impossibly small, the impossible large, and the enigmatic space (and time) in between.

General perception of space is important to my practice, but equally important is my occupation of space in the physical, mental, and emotional realms. My perception of myself as a woman is in constant conflict and convoluted by my understanding of society’s expectations for how I should look and behave, an understanding fueled by the male gaze. Much of my work speaks to this perceived space I hold in society, and all of its implications. It is a tool for me to see my anger in a physical form as a means to gain self-understanding, as well as to add to a much larger global conversation among many others with similar experiences.