Amber Barney-Nivón, was born in 1982 into a Mormon family in Fairfield, CA. At age 12 her family moved to a small town in Utah where she attended junior high and high school. Some difficult years in her teens led Barney-Nivón to question religious authority and at age 17 decided to leave the Mormon religion. This decision continues to shape her adult life as she grapples with a host of inquiries into the world outside of religion. Seeking new perspective, Barney-Nivón moved to Seattle in 2009 and later pursued a BFA at the University of Washington (via Seattle Central College), graduating in 2016. College was the catalyst for introspection into her identity as a woman within a patriarchal context, navigating life with a mental disability, and big unknowns like her place in space and time. She now has a visual language for expressing her journey.